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Mobile laser tag

Our mobile tag where we went to a private school where everyone loved it!

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20130317-075734 PM.jpg

Paintball Exeter, Devon’s No1 Site!

Crackshots Paintball in Exeter, Devon have created Twelve purpose built games zones and spreading them across an expansive woodland setting, Crackshots is one of the South West’s leading outdoor adventure centres. Hidden around 15 minutes away from Exeter’s tummy, we cater to the young and active as well as the old and bold, offering up a pulse racing combination of paintballing and laser tag. We use the latest combat equipment so players can safely dart from bunker to bunker and splatter vests to their hearts content. We’re also the only site in the region that uses V Force Shield Pro Goggles, with safety always at the top of the agenda..

Village Game Playing Well

New buildings been added to our 15 year old village!! Still playing well, although it has been changed allot over the years!!


Busy day! Burger & chips always a hit at lunch!

Another busy weekend! Don’t forget we are the only site in Exeter to include burger and chips free of charge in all full day packages…


Stag Party Paintball @ Exeter

Stag party group, afternoon session. Stag in fancy dress with our upgrade gun! 18 balls per second!!!